Sunday, April 09, 2006


Evil of Evils

I have to admit to you that I am that foulest of creatures. That most evil of all evils that can exist in in our modern society. I have opted to deny the state the chance to educate my children. That's right; I am a (gasp) home schooler. Shame on me for taking responsibility for the education of my own children. I might actually teach them the truth. We can't have that. I might actually include (dare I say it) religion in my curriculum. I'm horrible.
All kidding aside, I have to say it is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. If you know what its like to have your children tell you what they learned in school for the day, imagine what its like to see the light come on in their little heads as they learn. For those of you who have the ability and the time, I recommend it highly. I have the good fortune of living in Cedar Rapids, IA where the school system actually helps the home schoolers. Amazing, I know, but its true.
I have discovered something recently that is going to be of immense help. It is probably the largest video resource library I personally could ever hope to have access too. It is netflix. I know that most people relate this to entertainment,but; it has an extensive education section. You should try it. If you don't believe me go to this link: NETFLIX
. Look at these titles and read the descriptions. This is just a small portion of what is available. You can find discovery channel and history channel shows. Music, wildlife, and foreign languages. Everything you may need as accessories to your lessons is there, and you have access to you own stuff to boot. I pay $20 a month for three DVD's at a time. There are also plans for $15 (two at a time) and $10 (one at a time). This is great. If you homeschool try it and keep on telling the state to stuff it.

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