Sunday, March 26, 2006


Health Care

Hello, today I would like to address the health care system. We have all heard the reports of the rising cost of health care and health insurance. Well I have the answer for it and it doesn't involve socialized medicine.
The first thing you have to deal with is malpractice insurance. The only way I can think of to lower the cost of malpractice insurance is to cap the amount of malpractice suits. I know what your saying," We can't let the doctors get away with mistakes or incompetence. They wouldn't be as careful if you did that." Balderdash! These are humans(that is all that they are and they cannot be perfect all of the time) just like you or me and would probably do their best to save lives regardless of how much they stand to lose if they mess up. I am not saying they should not be responsibilities for their mistakes, they should pay compensation for that. I just think it should be appropriate compensation and not excessive. Remember we end up footing the bill in doctors fees in the long run. As for gross negligence, incompetence, and intentional mistreatment. It should be handled in the criminal system where they can lose their license and possibly serve jail time.
I know the trial lawyers don't want to hear this, but that's to bad. The welfare of the nation is more important than their pocket books. As for socializing medicine. We will still pay for that. It will just be hidden in the form of taxes. It will also destroy the quality of health care in the this country. Think about this will you. Bye bye.

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