Saturday, March 18, 2006



So, there I was; sitting on the leather seat of my '78 impala, smoking a cigarette, and watching white plumes of exhaust drift off into the distance. It was then that I thought," there ought to be a site on the web for people like me. People who think red meat is sacrament and Bambi the best there is. People who remember drinking coffee at four years old and see nothing wrong with that. People who think country music is cultured. People who think 'Brokeback Mountain' sucks." That is why I find myself behind a keyboard now.
So greetings, you have found the site that tells the pc crowd that we will no longer forget good sense to avoid offending people. I am a hideous speller and not that great with words, but I will endeavor to accurate in everything I write and not worry about whose feelings are hurt by the truth. The greatest book ever written said," ...The truth will set you free." Let us be free here.
I invite anyone who wants to post on my site to email me. I will verify the accuracy of your posting before it is posted. I do not believe in censorship by law, but I believe the owner of a property or business does have that right, if only on their property. Here are my only rules: no profanity please, and I demand accuracy. If I see profanity, I will remove the profanity without changing the meaning of the article. If I find inaccuracy I will simply remove the article. Other than that, anything goes.
Just so you know, I do not indorse the clubbing of harp seals. It is cruel and messy. I think if they must kill them they should put a .22 bullet through their head. This is quick, painless, and tidy. Until next time.

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